Basser's 6 great singles from 6 great albums

This week we've decided what the singles from our upcoming album will be. It got Briano and me thinking, 'What are the best singles of all time?'
Here are Basser's thoughts on the subject...

Getting radio play as an Unsigned Artist.

You have a product, you're playing gigs, but what about the radio play? Here's our opinion. Read more..

Who is Leathercöq?!

Semi-fame?! A leather penis'?! New songs?! Must be a full length Screamin' Whisper album!!

New Video for Diamond in the Rough

Official video for "Diamond in the Rough" from Screamin' Whispers' debut E.P. Buy it on iTunes, Spotify and all major services.

Screamin' Whisper on tour

Clips from our show in Leeds and Huddersfield

Mash House gig 26th March

A full house @ The Mash House, queuing in the rain, I hope you all had a great time.......

Blue Arsed Fly @ Whistle Binkies (01-03-16)

Blue Arsed Fly with the new band.... Rockin'.....

Screamin' Whisper, Ninja Warrior..

This is what happens when we watch ninja warrior..

New Song... Basser falls over.

Basser falls over while getting down to the new song.

Blue Arsed Fly- With the new band

Rehearsing new song "Blue Arsed Fly" with the band..