Who is Leathercöq?!

Semi-fame?! A leather penis'?! New songs?! Must be a full length Screamin' Whisper album!!

Last weeks sun didn't last long, but I for one, am happy I've made the most of it! I was walking through Edinburgh's Meadows (the site of next months Meadows festival) after a picnic in the sunshine with some friends, I happened to walk right by a group of teenagers playing our song, "Angels don't watch broken homes" through a set of those stupid little speakers people have. The whole thing reminded me that it's pretty much a year to the week we launched our debut self-titled EP (check it out on Spotify or Deezer or whatever), and all the stuff we've been doing since. Between Spotify and Deezer we have about 150,000 streams, we have one of them famous band boxes when you Google search us, and we have an official blue tick on Spotify.

Now, people that have been long time fans will have noticed a fair few new tunes punching the covers out of our set so that the only cover regularly in the live show is Willie Dixon's, "Little Red Rooster" and these are all good things. You see there is a full length Screamin' Whisper in the pipelines so SPREAD THE WORD!!

Yes the album will have all the new songs from the live show, and maybe some more that will make you wanna stab chopsticks into your ears just to make it stop. But don't worry, we're pretty nice so we haven't let Basser's leather clad penis anywhere near your eyes, or the album art (if you do want to see that you'll have to come see us playing live - get us on any social media platform and you'll find out dates.)

You should check out, "Angels don't watch broken homes" (Soundcloud link below) and you should share this article everywhere using the social media button things on this page. Oh, and copy the link below to your social media if you like the song.

Click Here for Angels Don't Watch Broken Homes on Soundcloud


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  1. Raman Masood:
    May 22, 2017 at 02:34 PM

    Very funny.


  2. Oscar Rudd:
    May 31, 2017 at 09:08 PM

    good stuff and a good read


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