Basser's 6 great singles from 6 great albums

This week we've decided what the singles from our upcoming album will be. It got Briano and me thinking, 'What are the best singles of all time?'
Here are Basser's thoughts on the subject...

This week we've decided that the singles from our upcoming album will be 'Filth', 'Angels don't watch broken homes' and 'Foolish Me', but we think that the album is so good, we had pretty much every song in the running! It got Briano and me thinking, 'What are the best singles of all time?'
Here are Basser's thoughts on the subject.. -

1.The Stooges: Raw Power - Search and Destroy
Produced by David Bowie, The Stooges third album is absolutely the audio equivalent of those dead channels on old televisions when you woke up to them hissing at 3am. If I was going to punch myself in the face, this album would have to be the soundtrack.

2.Guns N' Roses: Appetite for destruction - Welcome to the Jungle
One of the stupidest and most mysogynistic albums I know about, it really makes me laugh! Welcome to the Jungle is definitely the song I would choose if I was going to punch a puppy into submission.

3.The Stone Roses - Waterfall
THIS was the second coming of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

4.Prince: Purple Rain - When Doves Cry
The drums in this song are a riff unto themselves, so is the synth. Everything's a riff. If it's not creepy or inappropriate, it didn't make the cut, and almost everything is sexy. The single, 'When Doves Cry' was one of the only #1's ever to not have a bass guitar.

5.The Velvet Underground & Nico - All Tomorrow's Parties
Wanna hear what actually not caring in any way about anything sounds like? Listen to this album. It's glorious and sometimes incomprehensible. 'Venus in Furs' is my personal highlight, but it's, 'All tomorrow's parties' which captures the sense of idleness that makes the whole thing work.

6.Pulp: Different Class - Disco 2000
Jarvis Cocker created on this album everything you think is so clever about Alex Turner's lyrics. On this album he's the dirt bag I wish I could be, he sexier than James Bond, but among all this everyday sleaze, this is a song that anybody who has ever wondered what happened to their childhood crush could've written, but didn't. It's awesome.

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  1. Roger Lyon:
    Jun 07, 2017 at 07:16 PM

    Disagree with No.3, surely it should be I am the resurrection, however its hard to pick the best from that album, all classics


    1. Gary LeCruix:
      Jun 08, 2017 at 07:41 PM

      Ah, I feel that lyrically, 'Waterfall' was one of Ian Brown's finest moment - if not THE finest. Also that guitar riff!!


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