Screamin' Whisper debut album, 'Filth' is great success.

The release of Screamin' Whisper's debut LP was a great success. Click for more.

For the past three months the publicity trail for Screamin' Whisper has been underway. Many reviews have been written all across the web, radio Dj's have had us on their shows, and even the BBC have played Screamin' Whisper, it seems that people as far afield as Mexico, New York and Japan have been made aware of our meager existence.

The first single, 'Filth' was receiving reviews even before the single and accompanying video was even released - and good reviews at that! The Rolling Stones, The Arctic Monkeys, and T Rex were all names that were dropped in the same sentence as Screamin' Whisper's name. And then the streams started coming in. At first in dribs and drabs, but then, in their tens, hundreds and tens of thousands.

Things could not have been going much better, and at rehearsals we were sounding good. By the time the second single, 'Angels don't watch broken homes' was released with its video, the name was really on peoples lips, or at least there had been a notable shift in the number and variety of streams but we were just nervous about the launch of the full album coming up.

Still though, good reviews were coming in when the launch of the full 'Filth' album came around on May 17. It was a sell out show at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, and I don't think we've ever a played better set. The album in its entirety - all ten songs, plus other future hits (hopefully), such as 'Dead men tell no tales' (catch a version of that on the bonus edition of the album, available on Spotify) and 'Loved me better yesterday'. All in all, the night was a huge success.

Check out the bonus version of 'Filth' on Spotify, and the album on all streaming services or buy it on iTunes and Google Play.

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