Basser at Pride Edinburgh 2018

Basser celebrates gay pride 2018 at CC Blooms Edinburgh..

Gay Pride Edinburgh 2018.

Now, as a straight male (despite some peoples first impressions!) I really do get into this stuff. In fact, as an entirely straight band we really are in this scene, I feel. But anyway, I spent my Pride day at Edinburgh's CC Blooms and it was really a gas, like, what a community!

The sense of acceptance in the air today was a real eye opener. Pride is not just a celebration of LGTBQ+ people, but of LOVE in all its forms! My friends and myself are relative regulars in CC Blooms but tonight was just extra special. Everybody of all sexual orientations were out having fun today. Everybody. And the doors were open to all (in stark contrast to the historic treatment of the LGBTQ+)The word, 'Gay' really means fun, and I had fun tonight, and I promise you, so did anybody else I met in there!

These days it seems strange to find yourself in a room where nobody is gay, bi or trans, this i feel is a positive testament to the power of being who you are at all costs, because at the end of the day the people that stick by you through the bad times are the best ones to revel in the good times with!

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