Does the world need a Britpop 2?

Can real British music take over the world again?

The nineties wasn't all good. I'm barely old enough to remember '99 but I can testify to that, but do you know what? I don't think that at any other time has the UK produced so much talent as it did from maybe the mid 80's until around 1996. Certainly they music charts hadn't been dominated by us in that way since The Beatles or The Stones.

From Joy Division to The Smiths. From The Smiths to The Stone Roses and then Suede, Oasis and Blur, these are the bands that I think of when I think BritPop, they're probably the bands you think of too. You may also envision floppy hair and jeans and jangly guitars, but it was more than that. It was the last time the record labels, and the fans prized original, talented songwriters over the cherry picked pretty boys and girls with 50 year old men writing their hits for them, nah this was young men and women writing about what being a young man or woman was at the time. It was personal and real.

So when I ask, 'Do we need a BritPop 2' I guess what I really mean is, are the young people getting sick of the manufactured trash. I think we are. Stupid reality shows like XFactor have never had rating so low, artists like Courtney Barnett (Australian, but a WONDERFUL example and an excellent artist), are doing well writing their own stuff. Hell, she even got to where she is on her own label, Milk Records which she started herself! And we see it in the Grime scene here - young people from the streets recording in their rooms, mastering the art of self expression, self production. It's real, and our generation adores it. But I'm talking about pop music - a UK band that just flips it all on its head, makes the major labels realise that the money is in the artists, and not pretty boys and girls who they can exploit because they have no talent to back up their dreams.

I think we do need that. And I don't think it'll be the ones who are most hyped now, because the major corps.. They don't know what's happening. They pick for the moment, not for the future.

The next big thing? You haven't bloody heard of it yet. But for now check out Courtney Barnett's new album, 'Tell me how you really feel', if you haven't listened to the bonus edition of, 'Filth' on Spotify, do that too. And go find some real music!

Courtney Barnett's 'Tell me how you really feel'

Screamin' Whisper 'Filth' (Bonus Edition)

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