Youtube Music now streaming Filth

Screamin' Whisper's 'Filth' is now available to stream on YouTube Music streaming service.

Youtube Premium is just the latest place you can find Screamin' Whisper's 'Filth' - and we're delighted!

YouTube Premium service has finally come to the UK. The premium service allows you to watch Ad free and with the facility to download content. With around 65 full original series from YouTube Red - including several exclusives featuring popular YouTube video-creators - with the promise of a new addition on roughly a weekly basis, and a lot of major music artists deciding to put their music on there it's kind of like Spotify and NetFlix rolled into one. This said I think it could be a major player. All this content and still the undoubted highlight is our album 'Filth' being up there.

The premium service will cost £11.99 a month for individuals or £17.99 for a family plan which is a bit more than NetFlix or Amazon Prime, though you probably get a bit more. What makes the thing cool is that videos can be played without ads, offline and/or in the background while apps are in use.

Eventually the plan is that this will replace Google's Play Music service.

Check us out on there Youtube Music at the link below!

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