Google recognise us now!!

Blue ticks on Spotify and Google too! We're going up in the world!

So the album's out, what do we do next, you ask? I feel the more appropriate question is when do we get a break! I think making a career in this business is harder than ever, after all, people can release music for the whole world to see with the press of a button. It's an over saturated market. So.. How do we set ourselves apart then? Literally do the business. Where the majority of artists are neglecting to do anything apart from release demos and hope that somebody somewhere finds it and makes a star of them, we work every day to do the boring things that set us apart - The things that get you noticed.

Recently our social media presence has taken a step in the right direction; Right now we've got a blue tick on Spotify (and a LOT of streams - a friend of mine said she was in a taxi in London and the driver had Angels don't watch broken homes on - Woah!). Suffice it to say it's going pretty great.

Recently however, behind the scenes Briano's been working hard and so now you can see our upcoming shows on Spotify (Spotify verified) and also we have the most up to date Google presence and we're verified. Things just got a little better!

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